Scott Foster -- Film/TV Assistant Director

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ADFoster's World

Thanks for stopping by, however you landed here. This website shows my RESUME as well as some photos related to my career in film & video production.  

I have also recently started a PODCAST! "Tweet Talk" is a podcast where I take a few tweets from my feed and pull the topics from those tweets and throw them out to my listeners to think about and discuss...and reply to me (@AD_Foster on Twitter/Instagram)

Working in film/tv production, I have had the opportunity to have a wide range of responsibilities. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in hiring me for a production. Also, if you'd like to be a guest on my podcast..let me know!

Work Experience

Feature Film Experience

Boogie, Gramercy Productions, -- Summer ‘19: Key 2nd Assistant Director

Bushwick, Stupe Inc., -- December ‘15: Key 2nd Assistant Director

Ten Lives, Insert Name Inc., -- Spring ‘15: Key 2nd Assistant Director

Innocence, Innocence Films Production II Inc., -- Summer ‘12: 2nd 2nd Assistant Director

Greetings From Tim Buckley, Buckley Greetings, Inc., -- Fall 2011: 2nd 2nd Assistant Director

Robot & Frank, Hallowell House, LLC., -- Summer 2011: 2nd 2nd Assistant Director

Musical Chairs, Dream Dance Films, LLC., -- Spring 2011: 2nd 2nd Assistant Director

Peace, Love & Misunderstanding, PLM, LLC, -- Summer 2010: 2nd 2nd Assistant Director

The Music Never Stopped, Mr. Tambourine Man, LLC – Spring 2010: 2nd 2nd Assistant Director

Wall Street 2, 20th Cent FOX -- Fall ‘09: Key 2nd Assistant Director (2nd Unit)

 Skateland, Reversal Films – Fall ’08: 2nd 2nd Assistant Director

Taking Woodstock, Tuxedo Terrace, -- Fall '08: Vehicle Czar

Away We Go, TJ Productions, -- Spring ‘08: Key Set Production Assistant

State Of Play, Universal Pictures, -- Spring ‘08: Set Production Assistant (D.C.)

Burn After Reading (D.C.), Gramercy Pictures, November 2007: Set Production Assistant

Body of Lies (D.C). Warner Bros., September 2007: Key Set Production Assistant

Accidental Husband, Accidental Husband, LLC., Winter 2007: Production Assistant

In Bloom, 2929 Productions – August-October 2006: Production Assistant

The Man Who Would Not Be King, Greystone Films – May 2006: Production Assistant

The Producers, Brooksworks, LLC. – Spring ’05: Set Staff Assistant

Cry Wolf, Living The Lie Productions, -- December ’04: Key Set PA (additional photography)

War of The Worlds, Paramount Pictures – Winter 2004: Additional Prod. Assistant

National Treasure, (D.C. & Philly), Declaration Productions – Fall 2003: Set PA.

Day After Tomorrow, 2nd Unit,D.C., DAT Productions – November 2002: Set Production Assistant.

Iron Jawed Angels, HBO Films – Fall '02: Production Assistant


Im on the left



And Just Like That, HBO Max - Season 1: Basecamp Assistant Director


Law & Order: Organized Crime, NBC Universal - Season 1: Key 2nd Assistant Director

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, NBC Universal - Seasons 19 & 20: 2nd 2nd Assistant Director

The Tick (Season 1), Amazon Studios - Spring 2017: 2nd 2nd Assistant Director

Shades of Blue (Season 1), NBCTV – Summer 2015: 2nd 2nd Assistant Director

Show Me A Hero, Nimby Prods. – Fall/Winter ‘14: 2nd 2nd Assistant Director

The Leftovers (Season 1), WBTV – Winter/Spring 2014: 2nd 2nd Assistant Director

Hostages (Pilot), WB TV – Winter 2013: 2nd 2nd Assistant Director

Inside Amy Schumer (Season 1), Jax Films – Winter 2013: Key 2nd Assistant Director

Made In Jersey, CBS Television -- Fall 2012: 2nd 2nd Assistant Director

"We Are One", Inaugural Concert, Production Associate, January '09

24 (Season 7, D.C.), Production Assistant, November '07

The Wire, Set Production Assistant, Season 3-5

The West Wing, Production Assistant, DC Filming S2-7

JAG/NCIS, (D.C. Unit). Production Assistant. April 2003.