My Story---If You're Interested

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The Easy

In 1992, I graduated college thinking that I wanted to work in the college evnironment the rest of my life.  I found a teaching experience I truly enjoyed.  Working with college students and watching them grow is a rewarding experience.  With two years working for the University of Oklahoma Athletic Department and six more working in the Residential Life Office at UMBC, I was blessed to be working in great working environment with awesome supervisors and a population of students that challenged me daily.


That all changed in September 1999.  "The Replacements", with Keanu Reeves was filming in Baltimore, Maryland and it was my first opportunity to be on a movie set.  I loved it.  I immediately searched for more opportunities to play a role in what I loved most -- movies!!  I eventually came into contact with Betsy Taylor and Sareva Racher of Taylor Royall Casting.  My first piece of work with them was as an extra for the hit T.V. show, "The West Wing."  Eventually I crossed over and went behind the camera.  Saturday, October 11, 2002, marked my first day as a production assistant (PA).  It was for the HBO film, "Iron Jawed Angels".  I landed bit PA jobs here and there until July 2003.  That's when I decided to leave the safety of a full-time job and jump into the world of film & video production.  To date I have had wonderful experiences working on Feature film, television and commercials.  October 2008 to be exact, I became a member of the Director's Guild of America as a 2nd Assistant Director.

The Cheezy

I have to take a moment and thank some people without whom I would not be living my current reality.  My parents (of course).  My previous boss.  Without your support, the experience and contacts in this business would not have happened.  My partners of Southern Gentlemen Productions, who inspire me and excite me to continue to follow my dream and do the best that I can do at my job.