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My Career In Pictures


So I'm a little Dirty

Another Day at the office

Scott foster -- Assistant Director Extraordinaire!

Promo pic From "My Turn"

One of the BEST actors Ive ever worked with!

Dule' Hill -- So down to earth

John Spencer, Rest In Peace my friend

On the Set of "West Wing", DC Fall '03

Most of the Stunt Team for "National Treasure"

Producer, Director, Actor Jim Klock, and I. We started in the biz together

Jon Turtletaub. Director, "National Treasure"

"My Turn" at the TAMBAY Film & Video Festival, Spring 2002

Method Man chills on the set of, "the Wire."

Rutger Hauer, star of "Mentor" (may he rest in peace)

Another classy actor/person, Mike O'Neil

Where I spent most of my time on "Mentor" -- at my MAC

"24" Season 7 D.C. filming

From "Skateland", filmed in Shreveport, LA. My 1st staff DGA gig.

Brett Cullen, on the set of "In Bloom"

They are calling for her on the set of "Accidental Husband"....gotta go!

Talking through a scene w/ director Carl Franklin.

Frog hunting on "Farlanders"

Workin hard on "Skateland" my 1st DGA gig.

I make this look good!